Meet Veronica and Kelly

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MY NAME IS VERONICA. I struggled with drug use for many years. Then I had to deal with legal issues as a result of my drug use. For a long time I tried to address these problems by myself, but I kept getting in my own way. I could earn a living, but I kept making the same mistakes. And, even though I had long periods of sobriety, the fear I had of failing — because I didn’t know how to truly change my life — kept me from succeeding.

Of all my problems, the worst was that I was facing the loss of my beautiful daughter, Kelly, if I didn’t learn how to live right. Something had to change.

My case manager said that the “perfect storm” in my life brought me to Transition House. She was right. At first, I didn’t see myself living in a shelter—I thought shelters were for other people. But from the minute I walked through the door on my first night at Transition House, my life changed.

People think that Transition House will do everything for you, but that is not true. You have to do it yourself. It was hard! It was hard to find a job and even harder to hear my case manager tell me I had to try harder. But everything was right here for me. A free room to stay in while I saved money, support while I found the best job I could, child care for my daughter, but most important, the time I needed to learn a new way to live. And I eventually did!

Over my time here, I learned that I needed to get away from the things in my past that triggered me. And, I needed to be held accountable.

I had tried other programs and they didn’t work for me. Other programs didn’t push me to do better the way that Transition House did. I look back on all that has changed in my life since I came to the shelter on February 14 in 2018. I am amazed and I thank God this program is here. Without it, I might have lost my daughter. There is no other place like this—but there should be!

Now, we have our own apartment. I have a good support system, including great friends I met at the shelter who are working hard, too. I’ve been sober over a year. I am continuing to get case management help from Transition House—I still need it! My biggest goal is not to go back to life the way it used to be. And, to get Kelly into dance lessons!

Finally, I feel like I am living right. I am so thankful that Transition House is sticking with me on my new path! With your help, other families can find a better path, too.

   Veronica & Kelly