Employers and Landlords

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Do you own a business or hire people on behalf of your business?

Many families who enter Transition House do so because they have become unemployed or they are under-employed.  If you are interested in serving families in the community you can do so by partnering with us in this very important area. Our Employment Specialist can meet with you, find out what your personnel needs are, and work with you to identify possible candidates for whatever openings you might have.

Transition House residents have found jobs with our partners such as Gelson’s and Home Improvement Center, along with Kanaloa Seafood, Doubletree Inn, Home Depot, Donn Roberts Construction, Ralph’s, Marriott, USA Gas, and Nations Info Corp.

If you would like to find out more about this partnership opportunity, please contact our Employment Specialist,
Roberto Plasencia, at rplasencia@transitionhouse.com. Or call 966-9668, ext. 106.


Do you own rental housing with reasonable rent that can accommodate a family?

Transition House’s program of case management, career development, and financial literacy training prepares families to re-enter the housing market successfully. We also have cash for security deposits and, if needed, rental assistance that is paid directly to the landlord.

If you have a property that might be suitable for a Transition House family, please contact our Rapid Rehousing Case Manager, Cheyenne Harty, at charty@transitionhouse.com. Or call 966-9668, ext. 113.